Moving or Relocating Your Business
within Illinois and Chicagoland Area?

Chicago Based Technology Moving Company  - Business Relocations Services

TierOne Technology Management Group, can help your business relocate to your new address in Chicago Illinois or any of the nearby Suburbs of Chicago.

We can cost-effectively take care of helping you move anything that's related to technology, telecommunication services and phone systems.

Relocation of Your Business Technology, Phone Systems and Phone Services by TierOne:

  • Relocate your phone system to a new commercial office space
  • Computers packed up, moved and set up at your new Illinois address
  • Change your servers from premise based to virtual
  • Install new or existing security cameras at your new location
  • Transfer telephone numbers, order new phone services, demarc extensions
  • Order new internet circuits, configure services to work at your new location
  • Voice and data wiring for your new office or expansion projects
  • Upgrade your switches, computers and phone systems, coordinate phone and internet services for moves, adds and changes

Transfer Your Phone Numbers, Establish New Telephone Services, Install Internet Services at Your New Address:

Since 1991, we have the knowledge and experience working with a variety of established and evolving technology, telecommunications systems, telephone and internet service providers. TierOne will cost-effectively help you move, while assuring that your business communications and technology installation requirements are provided according to your needs.

Working with TierOne for your business move provides you with peace of mind that all existing business telephone phone numbers, internet services, computers, business phone systems, security cameras, and details associated with moving and connecting these business systems and services will be taken care of by TierOne.

One Phone Call to Transfer Your Telephone Services, Transfer Phone Numbers, Install Phone Systems and Voice and Data Wiring:

TierOne will arrange to handle all the details that otherwise might be managed by a variety of service vendors. Our experience shows us that by having so many vendors involved that there is potential for your having to manage them. We know for certain that the last thing you need is to manage your vendors, while you are moving and focused on so many other business projects.

Let Us Help Move Your Business to Your New Address Within Illinois:

TierOne guarantees to make your life much less stressful during these changing times and that you will be pleased with our technology and telecommunication relocation services for businesses located in the Chicagoland and surrounding Illinois suburbs within 100 miles of Chicago.

If your moving or simply making changes to your technology and services, give us a call to talk about your project. TierOne will provide you peace of mind during these changing times by making this move easy for you and your staff!

Over 25 Years Experience and Connections to Help with Your Communication Services and Technology Needs:

TierOne's busness initiatives are always about helping our customers. We pride ourselves on not charging consulting fees and for providing personal service, with straight forward advice that makes good business sense.

By working with TierOne, you are assured of success for all of your telecommunications and technology upgrade projects. Our staff and partners have the resources and desire to help you make better choices for your business.