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Telecom Consulting - Chicago Illinois, Business Phone Systems, VoIP Service Options, Telephone Wiring, Conference Calling, Internet T1 Services, Mitel

Telecom Consulting - Chicago Illinois, Business Phone Systems, VoIP Service Options, Telephone Wiring, Conference Calling, Internet T1 Services, Mitel

TierOne Telecom Group

   Our mission is to thoroughly understand enterprise telecommunications and technology and utilize all available resources to create solutions that provide our clients with long-term benefits and strong return-on-investment.

   With our unique management brand
SelectIP Office Solutions ™ our team will custom design, engineer and manage your IP Hosted PBX Communications System, IP services and SelectIP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Our goal is to work with your business and co-create several competitive advantages compared to those businesses who do not utilize SelectIP Office Solutions ™ managed services.

   TierOne Telecom Group identifies business needs and correlates solutions that integrate newest IP based Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) and Voice over IP (VoIP) communication systems and services. Our zero cost to client discovery meetings are designed to learn more about your business needs so that we can co-create opportunities and solutions that yield a fast return-on-investment and improvements for your company's financial and operational departments. From sales to customer service, to administration, your company will benefit from the Solutions' discovery approach that helps your business select and implement telecommunications technology systems and services best for your future.

   TierOne Telecom Group mostly works for businesses located near the Chicago Illinois metro and surrounding Illinois suburbs as well as South Eastern Wisconsin and Milwaukee business markets; however we have national contracts and would be happy to be of service to you even if you are calling from outside of these areas. Please feel free to contact us, no matter where your business resides.

Top Ten Telecom and Technology Issues Where
TierOne Telecom Group Can Help Your Business:

Top Ten Most Common Telecom Business Issues That We Can Help Solve: Consequences If Not Addressed:
1. Legacy phone systems in place, headquarters and branch offices all using different systems. Keeping these older systems in place is very expensive both in terms of dollars and labor hours required to maintain them.
2. Data network has not been updated to accommodate today's bandwidth intensive services. Employee productivity suffers while you are using very expensive services that erode profits.
3. Telecom services used are not optimized and your business is over paying. Business pays thousands per year more than it should. Service providers love this!
4. No strategic business collaboration between telecom, technology and operations. Competitors using newer systems and services will consistently outperform in terms of services provided and overall sales capabilities.
5. Lack of a plan to stay current with services and systems. Business profitability suffers while employee productivity lags.
6. IT department is so busy maintaining old systems and services that there is no time to innovate. Sales are not what they could be, profits are less than what they should be. Lack of innovation is never good.
7. Web site, CRM, data entry, lead generation and email systems are not integrated. Productivity is not what it should be and sales will never reach its full potential.
8. Contracts with current suppliers are dictating what changes are made and when. Paying more than you should, innovation suffers. Sometimes contracts are worth breaking.
9. There is confusion as to what to do with older phone systems and services. The risk with older systems increases daily as there are fewer service people to help fix problems and less parts available for older systems.
10. Misconception that it costs more to upgrade services and systems. It is less expensive to upgrade your systems and services based on the total costs of ownership being less with new systems and services. Less maintenance costs, and subscription services costs are also reduced.

Over 25 Years Experience and the Connections to Help with Your Telecommunications Needs:

TierOne Telecom's goals are always about helping our customers. We pride ourselves on not charging consulting fees and for providing personal service, with straight forward advice that makes good business sense. By working with TierOne Telecom Group, you are assured of success for all of your telecom and technology upgrade projects.Our staff and partners have the resources and desire to help you make better choices.

   TierOne Telecom Group wants to help you make the best choices for your IP systems, services and technology.